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Want The Ultimate Advantage Over Your Competition?

It's no secret that being seen as a Published Author gives you a big advantage over your competition. Here are just a few huge benefits of having your own published book:

  • Your prospects see your Amazon Author Page and see you as an obvious expert.
  • Your referral partners see you as the expert and can hand out your book for you so the book sells YOU.
  • Your local news LOVES having Authors they can call when they need a subject matter expert. Give them your book.
  • You are no longer someone "selling" services, you are an Advocate and Educator, which naturally, people want to hire.
  • You can be invited to speak to groups because as an Author, they see you as an Educator they want to learn from, and naturally, there is no better way to attract clients than demonstrating your expertise.

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Don't Worry, You Don't Have To Write A Word. Here's How...

I will simply interview you for around 10 to 15 minutes by Zoom. I'll give you the questions in advance that I will ask you, and my writers and editors will do the rest! We will write from your words, in your "voice", and give you a draft for you to approve. You can either make changes, or approve it as is. Easy.

Hear Comments From Some Of Our Book Clients

How Amanda Gets More Calls, Appointments, and Reviews Because Of Her Book

Marty Bronfman, Author of "Sold and Closed"

How Marty Gets More Referrals and Sales Opportunities From His Book

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Steve Lewit and Gabriel Lewit - Financial Services

Amber Kourofsky - Bankruptcy Attorney
Barbara Traylor-Smith - Financial Services
Deborah Dillman - Family Law Attorney
Douglas Katz - Financial Advisor
Howard Lotven - Attorney
Jordan Bradford - Jenna Tranel - Financial Services
Cindy Perusse - Family Law Attorney
Gary Dahlquist - Financial Advisor
Vanessa J. Gordon - Family Law Attorney
Sarah Carmody - Family Law Attorney
Rhia Bornmann - Family Law Attorney

About Mark Imperial

Co-Authored my first book with Dan Kennedy in 2008

Mark Imperial published his first book with business guru Dan Kennedy, and has since fallen in love with how books are the #1 way for professionals and business owners to lead their field, rise to the top, and separate themselves from competion. His love for creating these "Lead Magnet" books has made this his focus, as most of his clients make their book the "Nucleus" of their marketing, and what they are about.

Mark Imperial is a Best Selling Author, Syndicated Business Columnist, Syndicated Radio Host, Media Strategist, and internationally recognized Stage, Screen, and Radio Host of numerous business shows spotlighting leading experts, entrepreneurs, and business celebrities.

Mentored by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer, was one of only a handful of business coaches in Dan and Bill's only IBA (Independent Business Advisor) Mastermind Group. Mark ran Mr. Kennedy's Chicago SW Mastermind Group for 8 years, and wrote the "Grow Your Local Business" column for his No BS Marketing Letter for 3 years straight. Mark co-authored "The Ultimate Success Secret" with Dan Kennedy in 2008.

His passion is discovering noteworthy business owners, professionals, experts, and leaders who do great work, and sharing their stories and secrets to their success with the world on his syndicated radio program titled "Remarkable Radio."

Additionally, Mark's publishing company Remarkable Press publishes these noteworthy professionals in books, many benefiting charity.

Mark is the media marketing strategist and voice for some of the world's most famous brands. You can hear his voice over the airwaves weekly on Chicago radio and worldwide on iHeart Radio.

Mark is a Karate black belt, coaches Muay Thai, Kickboxing, loves Thai food, House Music, and his favorite TV show is infomercials. He lives in the suburbs of Chicago, IL with a brindle-color French Bulldog puppy named Fortune.


I realize we may have not yet met, so I want to go above and beyond to share a peek into my 25 year body of work.


1---------------------You may or may not be familiar with the famous marketing guru, Dan Kennedy. I've worked with Dan since 2008. I wrote for Dan Kennedy's No BS Marketing Letter for 3 column is called "Grow Your Local Business"

2--------------------I've also been serving the business community since 1994, and you will find my reputation on Google and Yelp with many 5-star ratings and comments from my clients.

3--------------------I've been on terrestrial radio here in Chicago since 2009 on 560 The Answer, and currently on iHeart Radio and WCKG AM and FM.

4--------------------Published the first book to grow professional's businesses in 2005, and you will find my current Author page on Amazon.

I've been helping small business for over 25 years so you are in good hands.

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